About SHO Design

We’re an established design and online agency with offices in central London and Kent. We offer high quality design and creative digital services to companies across London and throughout the UK, and work with a variety of clients from small start-up ventures looking to make an impact with their branding, website design or online content, through to long established businesses looking to rediscover their spark.

There is a simple motivation for our business too. The better we make our clients look and more successful their business becomes, the better it is for us. Simple really!

Our Approach

Understanding you, your brand and your business means we can make your brand stand out head and shoulders above the crowd. We work together with you and combine great creative ideas to find eye-catching solutions to your design brief.

Slightly differently to other agencies, we also stick around. Our clients learn a lot about design and online by working with us and we gain good friends in the process.


Step 1 › Understand your brand

To help us make you stand out head and shoulders above the crowd with original and eye-catching designs, the first thing that we do is get to know you, your brand and business. When we take on a new design project we immerse ourselves in your business and your market to understand as much as we can about your brand. For companies with a well established brand we simply need to get up to speed with your brand guidelines, how graphic elements are employed and your editorial tone of voice.


Step 2 › Define your design and marketing goals

When we have enough information to define the essence of your project we run a full Design Audit. For a new business this may be identifying your company’s brand values and vision which will underpin the creative process. For an established brand we may address how your brand can be evolved and provide innovative and creative recommendations for your brand’s future development.


Step 3 › Create solutions to your design brief

With the research and definition stages completed, we’ll get on with finding creative solutions to the brief. First we look at the initial design ideas defined in the early stages and explore creative routes, design innovations, technology options and, where applicable, different design formats and finishes to see what works best and what catches your imagination the most. It’s at the design ideas stage is where a project really starts to gain momentum.


Step 4 › Refine and develop design ideas

All of our design projects involve a collaborative process of development. We will work with you through a set number of stages of refinement and development to make sure that you’re are happy with the direction the design is taking. The great benefit of combining creative ideas in this way is that it can often spark new ideas that can be adapted to the final design.


Step 5 › Expression, Application and Production

Wonderful ideas and beautiful designs are great but they need to be applied accurately and precisely to be truly successful. At the start of each project we always enquire about the production budget so there are no nasty surprises when we get to this stage. That way we can be sure that no matter which option your choose to develop, it can be produced on budget. The application stage is where we dot the i’s and cross the t’s. It’s attention to detail that you would expect from more expensive agencies and don’t receive from cheaper or less experienced freelancers. It’s where the knowledge and experience of our team really adds value.


Step 6 › Project delivery and follow-up

Our job doesn’t just end when the brochures are delivered or the website goes live. We like to stick around and make sure that you have everything you need and you know how to take things forward once our work is complete. We can also continue to work with you in related areas, such as showing you how social media can feed into you marketing strategy, design a email marketing template to go with your new websites, or create brochures that support your sales activity.

What we can offer

Our services include brand identity, logo design, website design, web content, social media, corporate communications, editorial design, brochures, promotions, advertising and direct mail to social media.

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We are always happy to help when we can. If your brand needs a design refresh, you want an eye-catching new brochure to sell your products or you need your website to be more engaging; we offer all of the design and online services you need to achieve your goals.

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