Video & Production

Video great for SEO on your website and when it comes to social media video is more shareable than text and images combined. So surely you need a video right? Perhaps, but we always ask our clients what will it do for you and your business.

Jumping on a band wagon is fine for some, but is it right for your business? When clients approach us about a video campaign, animated presentation or moving image graphics we always ask what you want to achieve and the budget you want to spend. That sets the parameters of the production project and then we can focus on what’s important – your content.

Complete Video Production Process

We take care of the planning, shooting, editing and production for you, so your only commitment is to review proposals and images as they become available. Our process of work normally entails:

  • Brief – A clear brief to understand your requirements so we can create the video you want within your budget and planned delivery schedule.
  • Approach – We discuss the approach with views on style, treatment, length and cost.

  • Planning – we plan in detail with a storyboard setting out the visual sequence.
  • Filming & Recording – we shoot footage and create the graphics  needed

  • Editing – At the editing stage, sound, images and special effects come together.
  • Delivery – We produce the final version of the video in the format of your choice.

We work closely with our colleagues at Lets Talk Films to ensure the videos we create are captured to their best possible potential. The benefits of working in collaboration with a professional production company is that when a project requires specialist techniques like slow mo, time lapse or a crane shot it will be planned into the shoot. Why have a video on your website that looks like it was shot on a phone when you can have one that looks like it was produced by a cinematographer? We like to be able to offer the best of both, great design and great production.

If you want a video lets talk. You don’t need to have a finished production, just an idea of what you want to achieve. Then we can help you take it forward and create an original video that will add great value to your business.

Want to know more?

See examples of work in our portfolio, or if you have something in mind please let us know.