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Discover Petworth Website is the official website for visitors to the town of Petworth. The website was founded by the local business community spearheaded by the Petworth Business Association (PBA). They approached us because they wanted to grow the website audience and needed a new design, layout and content strategy to promote the town.

The original WordPress website was very limited and basic: it had a sparse homepage with no featured content or calls to action; cumbersome navigation with long, ungainly drop downs; and no way of publishing information about the town’s hidden gems and popular local events.

We worked with the PBA through content workshops to develop a long-term content strategy that would attract more unique visitors to the website. Their goal was to put Petworth on the cultural, shopping and food map, and convert more website visitors into actual visitors to the town. With their core audiences identified, we then developed the content strategy for the year, designed and built a responsive website with added content features, and vastly improved navigation to enhance the visitor experience.

As the PBA had no experienced content managers within their membership, they signed up to our ongoing monthly support package, which includes analytics reporting, content updates, and technical site management. This ensures that the website is refreshed regularly and attracts new visitors. As a result, Discover Petworth consistently ranks #1 in Google Page Rankings for ‘Shops’, ‘Antiques’ and ‘Things to do in Petworth’, and the site audience has grown by 49% since its launch in April 2014.


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