Communications Audit

CASE STUDY: Cost Effective Way To Get Branding Back On Track

Sometimes a business can feel like it needs a fresh start, but without starting from scratch. Things have just started to meander and a simple lack of direction makes it look like things have lost their way.

We meet many established companies who feel this way and want to place themselves clearly on the map once again. They may feel they’ve lost an edge or their communication materials have become disjointed. Rather than embark on a costly rebrand they want to get a clear direction for getting things back on track.

That is where our Communication Audit service comes in. After an initial meeting and workshop session we produce a complete design audit, enabling clients to see exactly what graphic assets they have and propose the best way to make use of them for a minimal fee of £400.

Uncovering Our Clients Strengths

This was the kind of situation we encountered when we started working with Reason Global, a specialist insurance brokers based in the UK with a diverse range of clients around the world. We created a communications audit from all the businesses visual material to establish the core brand assets. It defined the good things they were already doing and showed how to use them in better ways.

logo suite


Brand identity - typographic styles


Brand identity system - corporate colour palette, with colour breakdowns for screen and print.

Colour Palette

Apply Our New Understanding

Website And online

The nature of the business means that their digital presence is of great importance to Reason Global. Clients from around the world have different relationships with the firm, and the website forms the central storyline that enables them to have conversations with all of them.

Consistent Literature & Communications

Taking the time to ensure the everyday communications are produced consistently  reinforces the sense of professionalism that customers and clients have for Reason Global. The design audit makes it easier for us to design the stationery and literature just how they need it.

Presentations & Videos

We create a lot of presentations and animated videos that explain or demonstrate a range of different aspects of the firm. Having a clear graphic style means we can focus on telling their messages as effectively as possible, and to concentrate on the content.

Promotions, Conferences & Exhibitions

With sales and marketing activities across the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and America we need to design and produce a range of different large format graphics. We also design the promotions and digital campaigns that help the teams link all these activities together.

Making It Simple

The better you understand a brand the easier it is to work with it. That’s the same goal at the heart of our Design Audit Service that goal is , simple understanding. By taking the time to work through all the different ways our clients have tried to communicate we can get past the confusion and define the strengths. From there we just have to help our clients to understand how good their brands already are, and how much better they can become.

What We Did: Refreshed Company Branding

  • Complete communications review and audit
  • Define direction and branding
  • Corporate literature & stationery design
  • ‘Delivering More’ campaign concept
  • Website design
  • Marketing campaign materials
  • Digital communications & presentations
  • HTML email campaign templates
  • Event and exhibition designs

We are always happy to help when we can and enjoy the challenge of revealing the potential within a struggling brand. If your business is looking to get things back on track and needs to start working on solid design thinking rather than simple assumptions, we offer all of the design and online services you need. At £400 our Communications Audit service is remarkably well priced so we’re confident it can bring real value to your business.

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